Ads, Playeur Plus, and CM improvements

May 7, 2022 • 1 min read

    We have a lot of new features to announce since the last update:

    • Ads play before videos half the time.
    • Playeur Plus is introduced for ad-free viewing.
    • Revenue-share from Playeur Plus for creators.
    • The latest video on your followed channels is in the sidebar along with a marker indicating whether you’ve seen it.
    • Topics shown on the front page.
    • Channel trailers play inline.
    • Travel & Events topic is added.
    • New localization for Czech.
    • Download videos for subscribers.
    • Contextual menu on videos.
    • Custom tiers for channels.
    • Edit video button added for channel owners on their videos.
    • Scope toggle on related videos in Channel Manager to more easily add videos from your channel.
    • Lifetime value added to Subscribers tab in the Channel Manager and comments.
    • Export to CSV option on Subscribers tab in the Channel Manager.
    • Income tab pages with charts added to the Channel Manager including revenue, subscriptions, livestreams, Playeur Plus, and payouts.

    Stay tuned for more.