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Henry and Josh of 9H Reviews bring you a podcast series discussing history, hypotheticals and leadership, as it relates to small arms development and modern warfare.

The AK12 – a sad chapter for the Kalashnikov (feat. Brandon Herrera)01:16:28
The AK12 – a sad chapter for the Kalashnikov (feat. Brandon Herrera)
9HP Podcast – E1
2 years ago

We sat down with Brandon Herrera and talked about how we really felt about the AK12. The strangest thing happened when Brandon, Polenar Tactical and 9 Hole reviews all filmed the AK12 the same weekend after working with it for a few months, and nearly had identical conclusions... (and a fair amount of conspiracy theorists on how it was a collaborated hit piece). So what's the deal with Russia's latest rifle, the AK12? We have a discount for Slate Black Industries MLOK accessories! 👉 www (dot) slateblackindustries (dot) com Discount code: 9HOLE Shopping on Amazon? Do you like sweet [yet tasteful] gun morale patches? Shopping with this link costs you nothing, but helps support our channel 👉 https://amzn.to/3trn9ju --- We love mail: 9 Hole Reviews 21175 Tomball Pkwy. No. 480 Houston, Texas 77070