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Welcome to Booligan Shooting Sports!

2 years ago

After 15+ years, 600+ videos, and millions of hours viewed, YouTube is finally looking like they might nuke my channel.

So, I'm making a switch over here to Utreon. They seem to enjoy what I do and it feels like it'll be an accepting place.

As always, my content will ALWAYS be free. Every video I've made will have a home here for everyone to see, and new videos will go here as well.

If you'd like to help support the channel, you are able to do so with the subscription program. I will be doing early releases for the subscribers as a show of thanks for their support. In the future, I may do more subscription levels and other perks, but for now, I'm keeping it very basic.

Thank you all, and welcome aboard.



ElRusoMakes @elrusomakes1y1 year ago

I love your designs, greatings from chile

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Stlmharts @stlmharts2y2 years ago

Number one Following here! Love your passion for design and 3d printing!

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