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The future of the channel!

3 years ago

Hello all!
As you may know by the handle and the videos present in the channel currently, I am an electronics content creator similar to Dave Jones @/EEVblog. I do not do it full time though.

As some of my frequent viewers and followers on twitter may know, I am planning to have a show by the name of KARO (Translated to: Do It) which will be an exclusive to Utreon and YouTube (as of now).

This show will be an electronics project creation show that will be aired once a month (as of now).

In the past I have seen that electronic project shows tend to lose their base because of 3 reasons

  1. Projects may seem/become boring
    2)Projects are not replicatable easily
  2. Hosted poorly.

And that is the reason why I ask, are all of you ready to have another electronics show?
Let me know!

Tweet to: @ECcrasci or send a Dm. E-Mail to: or just comment below!
Thank You!