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Free With FPV - Channel Notes (March 2022)

2 years ago

Hello everyone. This is my monthly Free With FPV channel notes/ newsletter for March 2022.

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I am not a fan of the cold and February is my least favorite month. On a positive note, the terrible weather gave me a chance for a channel reset. If you have not had a chance, read my "New Beginning Post" post to see where I have been for the last eight months. Getting back to February- I spent this month on a number of tasks to improve my channel including:

  1. Installing and learning how to record using OBS Studio.
  2. Installing and learning how to edit using Shotcut.
  3. 'Remastering' four of my original beginner track series videos.

Deciding to go back and record new beginner track videos was the biggest question I had this month. A large number of viewers had watched them and I did not want to waste their time by providing repeat content. In the end, it seemed like a good idea because the original videos were extremely choppy and did not highlight how great VelociDrone really is.

I recorded those early videos on a laptop using Screen-cast-o-matic. That setup got the job done, but left room for improvement. Completing the recordings on my desktop have produced much smoother results although the video resolution is now limited to 720p because of my small monitor.

There are many improvements to make in my technology setup and I hope to continue upgrading my setup throughout 2022.

I have the following channel goals for March:

  1. Complete the 'remastered' recordings of the original beginner track series.
  2. Complete the full beginner track series.
  3. Post my first voice video that details the specific VelociDrone settings that I use as a new drone pilot.

That list should keep me busy. Please upvote and follow on along on my journey as I continue to make improvements to my channel. Thanks for reading and have a great month!!