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Baby Chickens in My Yard

5 months agoBaby Chickens in My Yard

I have begun the process of adding 6 additional chicks to my current flock of 4 hens. I've spent a few weeks stressing over the fact the new chicks didn't act like the first flock at that same age. Finally we are seeing some normalcy (or I'm relaxing a bit). But something way different than I expected has happened. I'm supposed to have all pullets but one of them turned out to be the opposite of a pullet!

We'll see if I can keep him long term. I spoke with all of my neighbors but there is at least one neighbor who lives next to my back neighbor that may or may not cause issues. I don't believe he would try to cause "me" issues but my back neighbors also have chickens and, since they don't get along, he may complain thinking he's complaining about them in hopes to get them in trouble.

Ultimately, if I must get rid of him, I know of at least two people who could manage it. Fingers crossed that won't be necessary but he is crowing quite a bit now and it's getting louder and louder.

More to come...


jords @jords4m4 months ago

I have 3 bantams cocks after present, polish ones, just got 3 silkies and don't know what sex they are yet but one seems to crow with no sound, and just Hatched 6 chicks with hens sitting on eggs, these are my first time having hens, it's fun, I like your video, cheers, Jords u.k

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Phenix JiRa @phenixjira3m3 months ago

Hi there! I didn't see your comment until now. Not sure what's up with the notifications but sorry I didn't reply. How many hens do you have vs the cockerels (or do you know yet)? I had an accidental rooster (was supposed to be a hen) and he crowed at 8 weeks old! Funny noise coming from a small chicken!

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