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Journalists I trust the most:

1 year agoJournalists I trust the most:

Don't know who to trust in this crazy world?
Here is my A++ list of Journalists bringing the heat:

  1. Del Bigtree, Host and Producer of The Highwire.

  2. Kim Iversen

  3. Roman Balmakov Host of Facts Matter on The Epoch Times

  4. The Daily Hot, A great source for International News that the mainstream neglects. All Content, No Filler.

There are some A+ Reporters who almost made the cut, and I may be blanking on a couple, but I would like to whole-heartedly recommend these sources of information, to replace your regular consumption of "News"


TracyW @tracyw1y1 year ago

Thank you! I whole-heartedly agree with your top three! And the Daily Hot is a new one for me so I really appreciate that. I'll be checking it out.

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Scriptflip @scriptflip1y1 year ago
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