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Comment Response on Utreon

2 years ago

Some creators who appear to be using this platform as a backup to YouTube don't seem to notice when people comment on their videos here on Utreon. When I track them down on yt, there are often many comments for the duplicate video because that's their primary location. Sometimes they communicate on yt and sometimes they don't but when I comment here on Utreon and only hear crickets. The creators don't seem to visit this site to see what kind of feedback they're getting. I think that's a mistake!

I get the concept of using a platform as a backup and that's what I'm doing for my That Thought videos by posting on 4 platforms simultaneously. However, I check all 4 locations to see if I'm getting views or comments. I don't just leave people hanging.

Maybe that's because I'm not a big shot with tons of followers or people to respond to but it still seems a little meh to me. My response to no-response is usually to no longer follow that person.

Okay... that's not entirely true... there are some well-known creators that I follow and make comments over on yt and get no response but they literally have thousands of comments on their videos. One of them is using Odysee as his backup platform and there are many comments there as well. Does he answer them all? No. And he may never answer any of them, I can't tell.

But if you are NOT a creator who has no time because you're making dozens of videos and interacting with other creators and making content with them as well, you should have time to say hey once in a while.