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2 years ago

One thing I like about Utreon is how quickly they respond to emails asking for help or offering suggestions. Here are a few of the things I've brought up which have all been addressed and either resolved or in process.

Profile Page - asked for a link to channels that a person publishes (if they do). The way the system is now, if someone visits my profile they will never find my actual channel since my user name (profile) does not match my channel name.

Spam Comments - I sent a list of spammed comments to Utreon to let them know it was happening. They removed the comments and plan to enhance filters.

Embedding videos to my website - I was informed there is a Utreon Embed plugin for Wordpress which I have installed and now use!

Literature Topic suggestion - per last update, they are working to add this topic to Utreon which will be helpful for my poetry reading videos and any book reviews.

It is very nice to know there is someone who will help and not just ignore emails or literally provide no way at all to contact them.

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Edward Brawer @ebrawer2y2 years ago

Working on profile page links, and will get to the new topic.

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