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Why Utreon? I compare them to Rumble, Odysee & YouTube

2 years ago

As I spend time posting videos on YouTube and watching so many creators suffer from mistreatment, demonetization, or the ultimate banning of their channel, I decided to start looking around for other options. At the moment, I am using yt, Utreon, Rumble, & Odysee to house That Thought. Eventually, I plan to pick one or two because uploading to 4 platforms is a bit time consuming.

I have a few channels on yt for the purpose of determining my niche and to determine which channels are best on yt vs other platforms. Reading poetry is not something they find offensive... yet.

FINDINGS SO FAR... Updated 5/31/2022

Utreon - future post scheduling, playlists w/option of adding thumbnails & description, ability to add posts like this one, ability to add full icon links to other videos under an uploaded video. My videos pop up on the main page or under whatever category that I add to my video. The subscription aspect allows posts and videos to be categorized by different tier levels directly in Utreon (Patreon & other payment services not necessary)!
After contacting Support with some newbie questions, I have found them to be very helpful and responsive (unlike YouTube & Rumble).

Rumble - future post scheduling, NO playlist ability found, NO post ability found, NO links to other videos like Utreon found, very HARD to find my videos but they can randomly pop up on main page, site is becoming very political video oriented. Can NOT search for a Channel name. When typing in the exact name of my videos, they rarely come up. Videos that do come up are not relevant to the search. Upload can take a very long time and, once on the site, it may or may not go live (have found some sitting in queue waiting for something). Customer Service invisible.

I plan to stop uploading videos to Rumble other than maybe very short videos showcasing my chickens as people love to watch animals for some reason lol

Odysee - can NOT schedule future posts, playlists w/option of adding thumbnails & descriptions, ability to add posts (community), NO links to other videos like Utreon found, nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find my videos as they do not have a main page for random videos to show up (great place to SEND people but not necessarily to find new viewers). Their categories are only applied to a video once it is viewed several times apparently causing the system to recognize where it goes (I cannot categorize it myself per their support email). They have also told me there is NO ETA to when videos can be scheduled meaning I must add them as 'live' without scheduling any others.

The fact I cannot schedule vids or find vids is becoming a deal-breaker. The ability to add posts is a plus but only if people can find me. Customer Service available and attentive however their help does not overcome the issues with the inability to find my videos.

YouTube - future post scheduling, playlists w/option to use a video as the thumbnail & can add descriptions, can NOT add community posts without many subscribers (new un-feature), NO links to other videos like Utreon. People CAN find me if they have a history of viewing my type of video. I can randomly be suggested to viewers & show up on main page.

They are known for demonetizing creators they do not agree with and will take down videos as well. On my gaming channel, they place ads on my videos once they hit 100 views but I need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in order to see any revenue. Many creators find this practice to be unfair.

Customer Service is non-existent. I have NEVER received an answer to any inquiry and finding a way to contact them is a lost cause.

I do not plan on leaving YouTube at this time because I have 4 channels and they are definitely an easy platform for a creator to utilize. That said, I do not see how I will ever make money there unless I do something outrageous in my videos that also does not get me deleted. Good luck there!

More info
My other channels feature Phone Gaming, Poetry Reading, Chicken Raising, Projects, a husband who likes to cook and break things, and my need to expound on subjects I may or may not know anything about other than voicing my opinion (That Thought).