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Channel Updates-Read Below!

1 year ago

As part of our launch here on Utreon, all content from the YouTube channel is currently being copied over here for hassle-free viewing, no matter what YouTube decides to do with reloading content in the future.

Once the Intro to Reloading-Rifle series starts, there will be exclusive content here on Utreon that I would not be able to post on YouTube, specifically the load data I use (remember, always work up your loads and confirm any data you see/hear with reputable reloading manuals), and more detailed parts of the process.

Subscription tiers are available if you'd like to support the channel monetarily, however it will always be my goal that all content is free and available to the public, since I started this channel to help teach reloading, not to restrict content from my viewers unless they go through a paywall. That being said, reloading isn't cheap either, and taking the time to make videos isn't exactly easy, and it does take me away from regular work, so any financial help you could provide is most appreciated.

I plan on doing the official Utreon page launch after all of my Intro to Reloading videos are imported from YouTube, as that is the core content I am focused on here for this page.

As always, stay safe out there, and keep on reloading!