The Pen Pack - Prison Stories

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This is my series on personal experiences with the Canadian Justice System, and about the time myself and others have spent in prison. We will also touch on things like poverty, drug addiction, abuse, and violence in and out of jail.

The Pen Pack - Episode 1 (ft. NerdyDez)44:06
The Pen Pack - Episode 1 (ft. NerdyDez)
3 years ago

Is jail as bad as Hollywood depicts it? Are those men who have been imprisoned moral monster? Is it possible to truly recover and "come back" from heinous crimes or the consequences of severe drug addiction? These and so many more are questions NerdyDez, myself, and others hope to explore and give our answers based on our personal experiences in the criminal justice system. If there are any questions at all that you'd like to have answered and possibly featured in a future episode, please don't hesitate to ask! -- Watch me live on Twitch @ Please consider joining my community "The Den of the Xelizel" on Discord! We'd love to hear from you more often :D. Feel free to also check me out on Instagram as well: Thanks so much for your support in any way! Please consider doing the whole liking/subscribing thing and letting me known what you though about the video by leaving a comment down below. I promise to respond to each one to the best of my ability. Blessings! -- Music used from