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Now uploading manually: Hard Mode!

5 months ago

So due to the sync problem with automatic downloading from YT, I'm manually uploading here. Subscribers will get content as it's uploaded, then they'll go public either with the YT release or a bit earlier.


ml11250 @ml112505m5 months ago

Thank you for all the hard work you put in.

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Bloke On The Range @blokeontherange5m5 months ago

Thanks for your kind words!

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beans @more_beans5m5 months ago

sorry to hear about the annoyance factor. I do prefer to watch content on playeur vs YouTube, thank you for uploading!

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Comment deleted5m5 months ago
LexRex162 @btschaefer5m5 months ago

Hard mode indeed. I'm glad you're doing it though. The automatic upload was not working at all and I try to watch as much content on this platform as I can in general.

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