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Supporting, expanding, and enhancing the roleplaying experience, State of Play is a community of revolutionaries seeking to transform and improve lives through exemplary and exciting roleplaying experiences for one and all.

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If you want to keep up on the latest from the Games Master, this is the tier for you. With your subscription, get a FREE copy of my book, "Top of Your Game"!

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Tier 2

A Champion steps into the gap! You're now ONE OF US!
Subscribing Champions receive all three of my Games-related titles - "Top of Your Game", "Counter Measures", and "Your Life. Your Game. Your Move".

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Tier 3

All the previous benefits, plus more access through the Visionist role on Discord, including the Games Mastery Masterclass materials!

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Tier 4

All the previous benefits of course. Visionary members are automatically included in the Visionist Mastermind, and have full access to the Games Master.

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