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CZ 805 Bren vs. CZ Bren 2Ms

1 year agoCZ 805 Bren vs. CZ Bren 2Ms

Here we have two fine specimens of modern army rifles made by CZ. These two are both civil semiautomatic versions. The CZ 805 Bren was made in the year 2013 and it is the first version with a transparent G36-like magazine. It doesn't have extendable stock and it has a reciprocating cocking handle. It is also interesting that both of these rifles have 11" barrels. The CZ BREN 2Ms was made in year 2021 and it is the newest version you can currently purchase. It is lighter, has extendable stock, a non-reciprocating cocking handle, standard stanag (AR-15) magazines, an easily adjustable gas system, and M-lock ports on the forend. But you need to decide which one is prettier?!


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FeuerFrei @feuerfrei1y1 year ago

OG 805 is more pretty :3

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