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What Utreon-specific content do you want next?

1 year ago

No brakes: so what content do you want more of?

-Reloading (I have to make some 9mm, 223, and will get into doing some Carcano once I find some dies)
-Rifle building: I suppose I could re-shoot how to build the Traditions muzzleloader and I'm also working on un-sporterizing a No4 mk1 Lee Enfield
-Modern rifle mods: triggers, accessories, etc.
-22LR ammo comparison. I started on this large project a while back, could finish it and present here.


lafaious @lafaious1y1 year ago

I’m definitely interested in seeing the 22LR comparison

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Travis @radiomans31y1 year ago

Those all sound great. The one thing I'd add is that you should make a video where you do sporterize an Enfield.

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norsescotsman @norsescotsman1y1 year ago

Reloading videos geared towards those just starting reloading would be great. Modern rifle mods would also be interesting. Thanks!

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