Sean Duncombe

Chief Operating Officer

Sean Duncombe is Playeur's chief operating officer and co-founder reporting to CEO Edward Brawer. He oversees Playeur's operations, as well as customer service and support. He leads Playeur's marketing team and the creator/user engagement & retention programs.

Sean also drives the company's financial initiatives working closely with CTO Thomas Müller to better understand and manage costs by pioneering new technologies and processes.

Sean played a key role in the deployment of Playeur's innovative payment solutions and access to new international markets, and since 2020 has led efforts to improve financial information available to it's users. Sean co-founded Playeur in 2019.

Prior to co-founding Playeur, Sean worked for Air Canada and Lifted in a number of operational and financial roles. Sean earned a bachelor's degree in International Affairs from Carleton University.