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Playeur Launches iOS App

The YouTube competitor startup launches its iOS app in the App Store.

Toronto, Ontario — Playeur, Inc. launches its iOS app, allowing iPhone & iPad users to experience the platform through a native app. Playeur aims to take on YouTube by giving creators a reliable and transparent platform on which to publish, share, and monetize their content.

Playeur launched in the summer of 2020 with a web app, making itself available to users across most devices. With the Playeur iOS app now available to download via the App Store, Playeur has reached the next milestone of its product roadmap.

Utreon for iOS

Native App Strategy

Playeur is amongst the first video platform apps to be written using Apple's newest and recommended SwiftUI app framework. This means the Playeur app follows OS conventions and meets user expectations.

"It is somewhat perplexing that companies with significant resources have been using multi-platform development tools, which typically sacrifice platform-specific functionality for the sake of theoretically easier development." said Edward Brawer, CEO of Playeur. "Most people can notice when an app feels like it breaks all the platform UI conventions. We were able to develop a top-of-the-line app using Apple's latest technologies, and will continue this strategy by doing the same for the Android OS." said Brawer. "This is what a return to innovation feels like – no cut corners, or sacrifice of the user experience. We're betting users will notice this attention to detail, which contributes to product satisfaction."


Playeur intends to continue this strategy by launching a completely native Android OS app next, cementing the feeling for users of all devices that only Playeur offers a truly native experience. Live-streaming, along with tvOS and Android TV apps are planned for 2021.

Playeur, Inc.

Playeur is a next-generation platform built to revolutionize video through great technology, beautiful design, and awesome features. Founded in September of 2019, Playeur is a fast-growing company and is headquartered in Toronto. For more information, please see

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