Playeur Rules

1. Mislabeling

Content must have appropriate content descriptor criteria set by its creator to facilitate automatic age-restrictions in what users can see as well as ad placement. Mislabeled content will be redacted until the labeling is corrected, and the creator will receive Demerits proportionate to the degree of mis-labeling.

2. Impersonation

Aliases are allowed, including those intended to obscure one’s identity or to serve in a clear parody of real-life figures, but impersonation is not allowed. If you are flagged for impersonation, all of your content will be redacted and remain so until you have corrected the conditions that would lead users to reasonably mistake that other person as running (or delegating control to whomever is running) your account.

3. Doxing

Subverting the intended anonymity of another user’s Alias is not allowed. Doxing content will be redacted, and will also earn the offender Demerits.

4. Brigading

Explicitly calling on groups of other users to downvote content on (or off of) Playeur is not allowed. Such content will be redacted and the offender will earn Demerits.

5. Subversion

Users may not create content glorifying, endorsing, or promoting the violation of site rules. Such activity is distinct from lobbying for changes to the rules for the purpose of improving them, which is encouraged. Content deemed to be subversive will be redacted, and will also earn the offender Demerits.

6. Copyright Violation

Content that violates copyright is not permitted. Content must either be original, posted with permission of the owner, or be permissible under fair-use doctrine though substantive transformation. Any content posted in violation of copyright will be redacted, and will also earn the offender Demerits.

7. Illegal Activity

Content that violates United States law is not permitted and will be deleted. This generally upholds free speech, but prohibits crimes like libel, incitement, assault, etc. Content that violates the law of any jurisdiction outside of the United States will be redacted in that jurisdiction.

8. Pariahs

There is a very short list of organizations who are explicitly forbidden participation, representation, or promotion of any sort on Playeur because they tolerate (or even encourage) violent bigotry and/or domestic terrorism from their membership. Individuals are likewise forbidden if their public persona is strongly associated with such an organization. The current list of pariah organizations includes: the KKK, Antifa, and neo-Nazis.

9. Spam

Users may not repeatedly post off-topic/unrelated/link-farmed content, URLs, or manipulative financial schemes. Content deemed to be spam will be redacted, and will also earn the offender Demerits. Repeated offenders will be forbidden from participation on Playeur.