Heavy Bag Workouts for Beginners

5 episodes

In each of these workout sessions, Coach Nate Bower delivers expert guidance, professional tips, and exceptional training exercises. Mastering the art of working the heavy bag requires the support of a skilled coach, and that's precisely what you'll find here. Our all-level heavy bag workouts are specifically crafted to elevate your boxing abilities, expand your knowledge, and optimize your overall conditioning. Discover the confidence you need to amplify your performance and enrich your boxing workout journey with Nate Bower Fitness +. We welcome seasoned professionals and absolute beginners alike.

Heavy Bag Workouts for Beginners – E5
1 year ago

This progressive Heavy bag series elevates your heavy bag skills with each session. In session 1 you'll learn the basics by session 5 you'll feel and move like a seasoned pro! Each workout has 7 to 8 dynamic boxing rounds. Move efficiently with dialled in defence, attack with fluid combos and work the bag with easy to follow footwork. Combine all the ingredients together for the perfect amount of knowledge and conditioning.

Heavy Bag Workouts for Beginners – E4
1 year ago

In Session 4 you'll Level up with high caliber beginner burnouts, power shot boxing combinations with slick pivots and head movement. Let the music drive you while Nate coaches you. LETS YOUR HANNDS GO in your session last session of this series.

Heavy Bag Workouts for Beginners – E3
1 year ago

In Session 3 GET ELEVATED! 7 rounds of non stop movement and boxing combinations. You'll be challenged with boxing burnouts, combination call outs, more advanced footwork and defence.

Heavy Bag Workouts for Beginners – E2
1 year ago

In Session 2 Nates elevated your skills by advancing your combinations movement and defence. Nate will continue to coach you every step of the way providing more in depth breakdowns. Including the art of landing punches on the heavy bag, and lateral movement. Nate also breaks down footwork, defence and coaching pro tips for the ultimate beginner heavy bag experience. Get ELEVATED on the Heavy bag.

Heavy Bag Workouts for Beginners – E1
1 year ago

Can you do this workout all the way through? This session is a 8 round interval boxing and conditioning workout. the Session consists of 3 x 30 seconds boxing combinations and 3 x 30 second conditioning sets in each round. There's a 20 second rest between rounds and 10 second rest between sets. This Interval boxing workout can easily burn 1000 plus calories.