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Video Transfer Process

11 months ago

Today is 10.20.22 and it's been about 2 ½ months since Utreon created my channel for me. I’m beginning to think they miscalculated how quickly videos can be transferred to the platform. I was originally told two weeks but only about 15 of my older videos have come over.

When I post new videos to YouTube, most of those migrate over but not all of them. I have at least two I posted on yt in the last 2 weeks that have not transferred. I was told that the import of the older videos runs in a queue and when it’s my turn, it downloads a batch and moves into my Utreon channel. Well, that does not seem to be working correctly at the moment.

It’s gone from a two-week process to sitting at over 2 months with only 15 videos moved over. I have over 250 videos, so this is going to take a while. Not happy about it but not much I can do unless I literally want to Handbreak all my videos and upload them one at a time.

10.21.22 Video - Chickens Panting like a Puppy transferred today.

10.25.22 Chickens & Bananas and Scratch the Itch Chicken videos were published on Utreon after 10/21 however published on yt 10/16 & 10/18. Since then, Spitfire Hot & Miss Cloud in the Corner (10/22), Watering Trees at the Nursery (10/23) and Chicken Hop & Stare (10/25) have not transferred over. Sent email to Utreon to find out if there is a problem with the automatic transfer setup. These videos, as I understand it, should transfer here within a few hours rather than days. No older videos are transferring.

10.26 Chicken Hop & Stare transferred. This was published on yt yesterday which means the other 2 videos from 10/22 & 10/23 were skipped.

10.27 my watering trees video transferred over today but it indicates it is 4 days old which means it won’t show up as a new video and won’t get immediate views.

10.29 Video Rainy Day with Chickens posted on yt this morning at 7am and it showed up here within 3 hours which is 'back to normal'. I hope this means things are fixed at least for newly published video transfers. The video Spitfire Hot & Miss Cloud in the Corner has still not come over. It's sandwiched between other videos that have.

10.31 Woke up this morning and went from 46 videos to 94 videos over the weekend. Video Spitfire Hot & Miss Cloud in the Corner is now here along with several others going back a few months. Perhaps this is the start of all of my videos migrating over!!

11.1 Woke up this morning and went from 94 to 140 videos. It appears mine are being batched in groups of about 46 videos and uploaded overnight or early in the morning.

This is not a hassle at all but the only thing I need to do now is go back through all of the videos they transfer over and classify them under the proper playlist and add in the table of contents video markers. Way easier than uploading all of these videos one at a time to Utreon!

11.4 Received an email from Support yesterday letting me know that my video imports was accelerated to get me more caught up. Today I emailed back just to mention that new videos are not transferring over consistently. For example, my short video Chickens Eating from a Service Berry Tree posted on 11/1 over on yt but still is not here on Utreon as of today. I'm hoping they will get that figured out soon! I can of course manually upload new videos here instead which I might end up doing. :-)

12.20 My past videos are coming over maybe one or two per week. Current videos come over but it can take a few days which means when they finally make it here, they are not considered a new video on the Utreon platform and end up further down the list. So no idea if people are really seeing my videos as they come out. That's bit frustrating.