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Chicken Cuddles with Parkour Chick & Family02:21
Chicken Cuddles with Parkour Chick & Family
2 months ago

Parkour Chick cuddling with her people. Music: Bensound License code: FU9ZA4YW7ARS0ZI7 #BackyardChickens #RaisingChickens

Peacock Close to Me00:14
Peacock Close to Me
7 months ago

This gorgeous dude didn't care that I was there. Pretty sure he wanted a mirror. Shoshone Idaho - Idaho Mammoth Cave & Shoshone Bird Museum #peacock

C17 Globemaster Overhead00:16
C17 Globemaster Overhead
7 months ago

C17 over the house #c17globemaster

Chickens Preening00:16
Chickens Preening
7 months ago

Chickens always preen #backyardchickens

Chicken Cuddles00:26
Chicken Cuddles
8 months ago

Michael and Parkour Chick cuddling #backyardchickens

Chickens on a Park Bench P201:00
Chickens on a Park Bench P2
8 months ago

Chickens on a bench. Forest or park? #backyardchickens

Chickens on a Park Bench P101:00
Chickens on a Park Bench P1
8 months ago

Chickens in the forest on a bench #backyardchickens

Sun Bathing Chicken00:15
Sun Bathing Chicken
8 months ago

Chicken laying in sun #backyardchickens

Chicks in a Pool of Straw00:15
Chicks in a Pool of Straw
8 months ago

Crazy Chicks swimming in a pool of straw! LOL!! #backyardchickens #chickens #humor

Boss Chicken Eats First00:13
Boss Chicken Eats First
9 months ago

Miss Cloud, being the top of the pecking order, gets to eat first. #backyardchickens #misscloud #peckingorder

Chicken vs Mole00:10
Chicken vs Mole
9 months ago

Phoenix found a mole in the yard and decided to make friendly. Uh… #backyardchickens #phoenix #humor

Chicken Death Medal00:57
Chicken Death Medal
9 months ago

The hens got a side row seat to a backyard concert. Check out the whole video! https://youtu.be/szOEIIWFEtg #backyardchickens #humor

Chicken Bedtime00:20
Chicken Bedtime
9 months ago

The ladies are getting ready for another night on the perch. #backyardchickens #chickens #raisingchickens

Miss Cloud and Her Egg00:15
Miss Cloud and Her Egg
10 months ago

Having fun with music and Miss Cloud's egg. #backyardchickens #misscloud #egglaying

Chicken butt, strut, search00:33
Chicken butt, strut, search
10 months ago

When you sit quietly and watch, you'll see the daily activity of a chicken. Always searching for a meal. #backyardchickens #misscloud #phoenix

Tapping a Chicken on the Shoulder00:32
Tapping a Chicken on the Shoulder
10 months ago

Well, here's Miss Cloud checking out the straw. She sure loves the stuff! https://utreon.com/v/_FV0u1RlRSC #Humor #BackyardChickens #MissCloud

Walk on by, chicken!00:15
Walk on by, chicken!
10 months ago

Ah yes! Dandelion leaves in our chicken run! Lov'n it! #backyardchickens #misscloud #parkourchick

Barred Plymouth Rock Love Wet Chicken Feed00:34
Barred Plymouth Rock Love Wet Chicken Feed
10 months ago

Phoenix and Miss Cloud eating and eating and eating. #misscloud #phoenix #backyardchickens

Hens drinking water00:14
Hens drinking water
10 months ago

Music and water! :) #backyardchickens #chickens

Parkour Chick in Compost00:32
Parkour Chick in Compost
11 months ago

PK walks around looking for worms. #parkourchick #backyardchickens #compost