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RR The Wire - 014529Z - March 29, 2023

2 months ago

RR The Wire - 014529Z - March 29, 2023

DTG: 014529Z MAR 23
ICOD: 010029Z MAR 23
CONTROLS: Public Release
BLUF: Critical infrastructure vulnerabilities present persistent concerns. Domestic US atmospherics remain tense.

-National Events-
OH/KY: Ten barges became navigational hazards on the Ohio River IVO Louisville, KY. The barges were being towed by a tugboat when, possibly due to their tow lines parting, the barges became uncontrolled. The barges traveled downriver until some of them became entrapped in the McAlpine Dam. Currently, the cargo onboard the barges is unknown, but at least one was carrying 1,400 tons of Methanol. This barge is currently caught in the dam, and is partially submerged. The HAZMAT concerns regarding this barge potentially leaking Methanol into drinking water supplies downstream are unknown, though officials stress the threat is minimal.

Washington D.C. - Following the recent mass shooting in TN, calls for violence among transgender groups remain constant threats. AC: Mainstream media reporting has even picked up these calls for violence, which are largely centered around the "Trans Day of Vengeance" event, scheduled for April 01 at the US Supreme Court building in D.C. This event was scheduled prior to the shooting, but event organizers are going ahead with the event. Firearms training will (allegedly) be provided in conjunction with this event, though it is unclear how many individuals are actually planning to attend. As this is a sensitive topic, the media coverage will likely result in this event becoming more substantial than it otherwise would have been.

-International Events-
DPRK: Limited, unconfirmed reporting indicates North Korea to deploy up to 500 soldiers to the Donbas region of occupied Ukraine. South Korean media outlets were the first to report these deployments, though there are few details surrounding this deployment. AC: For the DPRK, this is obviously a power-projection move, and a way of strengthening diplomatic ties with Russia.

-Analyst Comments-
It is unclear as to if the mass shooting in TN is linked to any organized group, however any discussion of this potential has been strictly forbidden by media giants; censorship and the subsequent media blackout is extremely substantial following these events, so more information is required before a solid assessment is possible. Despite the censorship concerns, social atmospherics indicate that Christian individuals, groups, and facilities will remain persecuted and targeted by malign actors, especially as Lent comes to a close. Easter (April 9) and Pascha (April 16) services will also be likely targets for malign actors, though we currently have no indications of any specific (potential) attacks. Increased vigilance and heightened situational awareness are strongly recommended during upcoming Christian holiday events.
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