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I design and build Electronically ignited guns and ammo, with the aim to get ammo and firearms as cheap as possible. If you want to help support and fund development of the future of firearms technology join now!

Tier 1
  • Access to the Secret Discord
Includes Discord benefits
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Tier 2
  • Plasma lighters and other misc. merch as it becomes available.
  • Secret Discord access
Includes Discord benefits
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Tier 3
  • Plasma lighters (with custom engraving option), and you can tell your friends you are a gold member of Suckboy Tony's Dungeon when they become available.
  • All previous Tiers
Includes Discord benefits
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Tier 4
  • I'll make any small changes to designs for you (engraving your name, making a funny shaped barrel, grip that fits your hand better etc..)
  • All the previous tiers
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Tier 5
  • I'll do anything
Includes Discord benefits

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