CZ-G2000 which is not CZ
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🇬🇧If you know this gun, you are old! This pistol is called the CZ-G2000, but it was not made by...

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🇬🇧 One of the places where it is mandatory to carry a gun is the Svalbard archipelago. The...

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I have a video about modernized VZ.61 and today we have here a new modernization kit for H&K G3....

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K3 the new bolt action for Czechoslovak Military
12 months ago • 12 attachments • 0 comments

Here we go with our Mystery gun reveal. Some people got it right this is a K3 Bolt action rifle...

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Mystery GUN
12 months ago • 1 attachment • 1 comment

Let's play a game called "Identify this rifle". So far I know only one book mentioning the fact...

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CZ 805 Bren vs. CZ Bren 2Ms
12 months ago • 10 attachments • 1 comment

Here we have two fine specimens of modern army rifles made by CZ. These two are both civil...

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American Tactical Polymer AR 15
1 year ago • 8 attachments • 1 comment

🇬🇧First time I tried full polymer body AR 15. This rifle is made by American Tactical and model...

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CZ BREN 2 BF (Belt-fed)
1 year ago • 2 attachments • 0 comments

🇬🇧 I’m happy to announce that another project is finished! The conversion of CZ BREN 2 to a...

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CZ 2075 RAMI P
1 year ago • 5 attachments • 0 comments

You might not know that the first Pistol based on CZ 75 with polymer frame was CZ 2075 RAMI P....

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Mauser M1932/712 Schnellfeuer
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Mauser model 1932/712 Schnellfeuer. According to some sources, the name Model 1932 was invented...

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New Czech machinegun PZD 556
1 year ago • 4 attachments • 0 comments

This is PZD 556 SV. The newly-made machinegun from the Czech Republic. There is not much...

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Did you know that CZ 75 P-02 exist?
1 year ago • 1 comment

🇬🇧 CZ 75 P-01 Omega is very elegant and famous pistol. But did you know there was also CZ 75...

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